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Exhibition and event calendar 

As the leading provider of workforce management solutions, Kronos can be found as speakers, sponsors and exhibitors at various industry events throughout the year. We also host our own webinars, seminars and customer conferences.

KronosWorks Global Conference 2016

Save the Date — Join us at Hyatt Regency Orlando, November 13–16, 2016.

Customers and guests from around the globe gather annually at the world’s leading conference for Workforce Management. To find out more visit the KronosWorks website.

People Matters - Kronos Webinar Series

Employee Absence and it's Impact on Organizational Performance

A survey by Mercer in 2010 revealed that the direct and indirect costs of employee absence (planned and unplanned) can be as high as 35% of payroll costs. The Kronos - People Matters survey also reveals that employee absence is one of the most significant factors hindering workforce productivity. While managing employee absence may look tactical, hear from our experts on:

  • How managing employee absence can be a strategic advantage for a company?
  • What are organizations doing to manage unplanned absence?
  • How can technology help HR detect absence trends and manage it proactively?


  • P. Dwarkanath (Director – Group, Human Capital of Max India Limited, New Delhi.)

Recorded – March 28, 2012 View Replay

Role of Employee Engagement in Increasing Workforce Productivity

Improving productivity is one of the most crucial challenges that organizations face today. A highly engaged employee can be far more productive than a disengaged employee. In this context, join us for a discussion on:

  • What are the levers that can be used to engage the front line workforce?
  • What are the early indicators of an employee being disengaged?
  • What role can technology play in this scenario?


  • Sridhar Ganesh - Director-Human Resources of the Murugappa Corporate Board and Lead Director of the Diversified Business Group (DBG).
  • Gregg Gordon – Director Manufacturing, Kronos Incorporated and Author of Lean Labor.

Recorded – March 14, 2012 View Replay

Critical Role of HR in Increasing Workforce Productivity

Improving productivity is one of the most crucial challenges that organisations face today. Labour costs remain the largest controllable expense for most organisations. In this context, hear from our experts on:

  • How organizations measure and improve workforce productivity?
  • What role can HR play in realizing significant bottom line results
  • What are the tools and systems available to reduce staffing, compliance and payroll costs?


  • Bijay Sahoo - President – HR responsible for RIL's new businesses such as Reliance Retail and 4G Infotel
  • Sumeet Doshi – Head Marketing, Kronos India

Recorded – February 14, 2012 View Replay