Bengaluru, 09 Oct, 2019

Committed to driving smarter care, superior patient outcomes, and an exceptional hospital experience across its vast national network, Apollo Hospitals Group, Asia's foremost integrated healthcare services provider, has selected Kronos Workforce Central to boost workforce efficiencies and productivity.

The innovative solution from Kronos Incorporated, the global leader in workforce management cloud solutions, has gone live across six Apollo locations in South India. Its 3,000 employees now have real-time visibility and actionable insights, yielding quality care due to collaborative self-scheduling that empowers hospital staff to select their preferred schedules, making it easier to swap shifts and request time-off – offering a more engaging experience that simplifies work-life balance. These features will soon be extended to 15 more locations, covering about 8,000 employees.

News Facts

  • Apollo Hospitals Group has deployed Workforce Central to manage critical workforce management functions across full term and contract employees. The solution transforms the employee and manager experience through:
    • Improved patient care – Given the criticality of healthcare operations and the importance of accurate staffing to meet patient demand, the intuitive solution helps autogenerate rosters, and enables nurses and other healthcare staff deliver better care. Ensuring right availability of key staff in critical functions, the Kronos solution also helps employees and managers make real-time rostering decisions for better outcomes. This also enables fairness and equity in policies administration and helps ensure compliance management.
    • Centralised and automated punch-to-pay process – The solution will help Apollo Hospitals to centralise and streamline its payroll input process across 21 locations in India, with automation of complex rules across different states and employee groups – freeing up the payroll team to handle larger volumes of transactions with minimal manual interventions.
    • Improved accessibility to self-service transactions – Kronos InTouch time clocks will be deployed across locations for employees to register attendance and manage various self-service transactions including submitting leave requests, managing their schedule, and maintaining roster information.
    • Improved employee experience for a dynamic workforce – The solution enables hospital staff to access information across various devices, providing an engaging user experience across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Employees and managers have access to self-service features, including submitting requests and managing approvals anytime and anywhere. The solution also provides options to mark attendance on a smartphone for employees on the move across locations.
    • Realtime visibility and actionable insights – Providing real-time visibility to the management team at Apollo Hospitals via Workforce Central will help inform better staffing decisions and also allow users to drill down and take action based on insights provided by configurable widgets.
  • It is vital for the healthcare industry to raise employee engagement and optimise the service-value chain. This is significant, as aligning staffing to patient demand is complex and a daily challenge for health systems. Emergency room and inpatient surges often leave hospital units understaffed and managers scrambling to ensure appropriate coverage. The result of these inaccurate schedules is a high amount of last-minute schedule churn, which directly impacts financial performance, quality of patient care, and staff satisfaction.
  • Studies indicate that patient experience and workforce engagement are intertwined. Hospitals that boost patient experience or employee engagement see improvement in patients’ ratings of their care. Besides, there is a compounding effect when hospitals improve in both. Apollo Hospitals is deploying Kronos to drive superior patient experiences and engagement measures. Optimal engagement is also linked to enhanced employee satisfaction, quality care, and financial returns.
  • The Kronos Workforce Central suite of workforce management solutions has a proven track record of helping organisations across sectors in India to help control labour costs, increase productivity, minimise compliance risk, and, most importantly, create a fully engaged workforce that can yield better business outcomes.

Supporting Quotes

  • Hariprasad K, President Apollo Group – Hospitals
    “We are committed to investing in transformational innovations that empower our dedicated staff with greater visibility to maximise their potential, meet unpredictable demands, and deliver superior care. Our focus on talent, technology, and transformation is aimed at offering better care for our staff, patients, society, and the nation, while also making our processes more efficient. An integral part of this mission is ensuring we have the right employee in the right place at the right time, fully engaged and empowered to manage their work better with timely interventions. We believe the Kronos data-driven platform will help us drive transparency and equity across our workforce and further motivate our employees to provide patients with optimal care.”
  • Sumeet Doshi, country manager, India, Kronos
    “We are delighted to assist Apollo Hospitals – an institution that is touching lives every day – in managing its greatest asset – its people. Enabling them to access real-time information anytime, anywhere, in a personalised manner – be it smartphone, PC, or even a biometric kiosk. More so, it’s great that they realise that employees are key to superior patient care, and a healthy bottom-line. Workforce management has undergone a great degree of change, with technology remaining at the heart of this disruption. We’re confident the Workforce Central suite will empower managers and employees to make more informed decisions, in the moment for better outcomes – and in turn will result in a better experience for patients.”

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