With 85 stores across 15 cities, Croma is the largest specialist retail chain for consumer electronics and durables in India. Having about 3000 full-time and contract employees, it was a daunting task for Croma to align human capital to best business outcomes. Kronos helped Croma bring in complete standardisation, visibility and control through deployment of its Workforce Management Solutions.

What Croma needed was a solution that could:

  • Deliver real-time employee data they could leverage to improve operations
  • Accurately schedule thousands of employees across multiple locations
  • Automate complex payroll requirements to achieve the perfect paycheck
  • Manage compliance risks associated with union regulations, tip payment rules, and Gaming Control Board licensing and regulations
“Having workforce information in real time has been a huge help for our store managers as they use the information to make quick deployment decisions driving up productivity. At the same time providing self-service to employees on the attendance terminals drives automation and help improve satisfaction”

Kirti Lal
Senior Manager – HR, Croma


Kronos enabled Croma with centralised workforce management with a fully automated, integrated and highly configurable solution that provides real-time workforce visibility across stores and punch-to-pay automation driving up productivity and reducing costs.

Standardisation, Visibility, Control and Compliance

  • Complete standardisation, visibility and control through end-to-end automation
  • Real-time workforce visibility on schedules, Presence and Planned & Unplanned Absence
  • Accurate payroll calculation eliminating any inadvertent or intentional payroll leakages.

Control over Flexible Working Hours’

  • Deploy workforce in sync with the traffic flow so as to deliver the best customer service
  • Make schedule changes quickly and assessing the manning of the store at any point in time
  • Gain visibility and improve compliance of overtime, shift length, etc.

Store Level Self-service and Automation

  • Kronos 4500 biometric attendance terminals eliminates buddy punching
  • Double up as self-service kiosks for applying leave, outdoor duty, etc.
  • Eliminates manual processes and improves employee engagement


Kronos now provides real-time workforce availability information on a dashboard to store managers giving them the ability to quickly identify issues like absenteeism and help re-deploying employees to drive up store productivity and better customer experience.

  • Eliminate payroll issues with automation and integration with SAP HR and Payroll
  • Flexible and scalable solution to manage growth and complexity
  • Better adherence to organisational and statutory compliances.

Employee Self Service Improves Customer Satisfaction
Self-service kiosks reduce manual errors and increase employee engagement

Automation Enables 3,000 On-roll and Contract Employees
Workforce information in a real-time drive quicker deployment decisions and improve productivity