DHL Supply Chain India is the global market leader in contract logistics, providing warehousing, managed transport, and value-added services as well as solutions for corporate information and communications management.

The company was managing labour attendance and leave, including overtime, time off, and compliance records, using time-consuming, error-prone manual methods. The HR staff applied the rules they thought were appropriate to their manual records in order to create the payroll file at the end of each month. Because accurate attendance and leave management requires a highly sophisticated knowledge of labour laws to manage diverse worker requirements, this manual approach was putting the company at risk for costly errors and compliance violations. In addition, the HR team was manually tracking a large contract labour force, which presented challenges for processing timely and accurate invoice settlements.

What DHL needed was a solution that could:

  • Improve leave and attendance management
  • Provide central visibility into labour costs
  • Provide accurate calculation of overtime and time off
  • Ensure effective contract labour timecard monitoring
“Having real-time visibility into the workforce has been a huge help to our supervisors and managers in tracking employee time and linking it to payroll.”

Priya Prabhu
C&B Head (India), DHL


DHL Supply Chain India turned to Kronos for a centralised workforce management solution that is fully automated, seamlessly integrated, and highly configurable. Kronos® Workforce Central® provides real-time labour data and automated application of leave and pay rules, along with integrated time capture and absence management, to improve accuracy, transparency, and control across a diverse and geographically dispersed labour force.

Centralised labour monitoring improved accuracy and transparency

  • Streamlined time and attendance processes
  • Automatically apply work and pay rules at the time of punch
  • Automated alerts regarding missed punches and other exceptions
  • Simplify the regularization process for outpass, leave management, etc.

Automated processes drive efficiency and cost savings

  • Accurate capture, monitoring, and control of time and attendance data
  • Real-time tracking of contract labour to ensure accurate invoicing
  • Reduced administrative effort associated with exceptions and inquiries
  • Minimised overpayments and compliance risk

Smooth implementation and seamless integration drive results

  • Smooth implementation and on-time deployment quickened the realization of the ROI
  • Seamless integration into the company’s existing business systems including HRMS, payroll, and contract employee master data
  • Training increased user adoption and prepared the company’s IT team for ongoing system management


  • Accurate attendance monitoring and labour reporting increased process efficiencies across locations
  • Seamless, automated time tracking and real-time visibility into contract labour reduced time theft, increased invoice accuracy, and improved cost control
  • Automated capture and monitoring of time and attendance data helped create a culture of transparency

Employee Self-service Leads to Improved Productivity

Driving last mile inclusion and improved employee engagement

Single System for 1,200 On-roll and 4,800 Contract Employees

Improved operational efficiencies and adherence to compliance