Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping

Automate time and attendance tracking for stronger bottom-line results.

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Easily track and manage employee time and attendance data.

Using manual or disparate systems to manage employee time and attendance can make it difficult to manage workforce expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities. Optimise your most valuable strategic advantage — your workforce — with an automated timekeeping solution that consistently tracks, manages and controls employee time and attendance.

Work your way with advanced time and attendance management features.

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Deliver the right productivity tools to the right people

Separate hourly and salaried timecards, personalised time-entry records for recording time against projects, and full mobile timecard functionality are just some of the ways Workforce Dimensions™ Timekeeping lets users work their way — whether they’re hourly, salaried, mobile or working from a desktop. And with Microsoft Outlook integration, users can inform both the system and their team when they’re absent.

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Improve decision making with real-time data visibility via Dataviews and reports

Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping gives managers a way to work smarter than ever. It stores time and attendance data in a single centralised platform that drives automated workforce processes and provides quick, easy access to meaningful workforce data. Through Dataviews and reports, Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping simplifies access to the information needed to solve business issues by allowing all time and attendance data to be visualised, sorted, filtered and exported according to user preference.

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Leading workforce management capabilities delivered in a modern cloud platform

Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping is built on an advanced cloud architecture specifically designed for speed and efficiency of scale. It works seamlessly across all digital touchpoints — all while reducing the burden on internal IT resources. Automatic software updates provide continuous access to the latest product features and innovation.

Automated processes help decrease payroll errors.

By reducing or eliminating time-consuming manual administrative processes, Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping reduces costly payroll errors and overtime, improves workforce productivity, and frees your payroll staff to focus on higher-level activities.

  • Easy to use

    Offer employees intuitive features and a consumer-grade user experience

  • Automatic recommendations

    Help managers determine which time off requests to approve

  • Proactive compliance

    Avoid costly overtime, missed punches, and more with real-time alerts that let you act before problems occur

  • Audit-ready

    Track time and manage policies from a single automated platform to stay prepared for audits