Build a business case for a time and attendance solution to help your organisation control costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve productivity.

Building a Business Case for a Time and Attendance Solution Workbook

Find out how to prioritise time and attendance by preparing a formal business case that will successfully capture the attention of key decision makers.

This guide will walk through the process of gathering the insight, evidence, and support you’ll need to present a persuasive proposal for change. You’ll learn why a business case matters, and how it can help you break through typical management roadblocks to “yes” by demonstrating value to your organisation. You’ll also learn how to:

  • ARTICULATE CLEAR ISSUES and answer the question: Why should the organisation spend its time and money implementing the proposed solution?
  • CONDUCT THE DISCOVERY PROCESS and examine the current state of your operations to uncover pain points that are affecting your organisation
  • IDENTIFY COST-SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES that an automated solution can help produce
  • OUTLINE RECOMMENDATIONS and investment requirements
  • PACKAGE AND PRESENT YOUR FINDINGS and line up the support of your steering committee as well as key operational stakeholders

Download this comprehensive workbook to learn more details about how you can build a powerful business case for an automated time and attendance solution.