Retail Scheduling Solution Guide

Misjudgments   in   employee   scheduling   can   directly   impact   your   retail operations,  sales,  and  profits.  When  you  don’t  have  the  right  automated, data-driven workforce scheduling tools, it’s impossible to forecast accurately, plan  appropriately,  and  execute  consistently.  The  result?  Your  workforce is  chronically  either  overscheduled  or  underscheduled.  Which  drives  store managers crazy. Drives customers away with inconsistent service. And drives profitability right out of your stores.

Enter  Kronos® Workforce  Scheduler™. Workforce  Scheduler  is  part  of the  Kronos  for  Retail  suite,  our  comprehensive  retail  workforce  management system. It’s the scheduling solution of choice for retailers that are seeking the ultimate competitive advantage: the ability to look into the future, plan for it, and perfectly schedule the workforce to meet it.