The manufacturing industry is always changing, and manufacturers continue to be asked to do more with less. Learn why a cloud-based service model for workforce management software is an increasingly attractive option for manufacturers in this environment.

The Value of Cloud-Based Workforce Management in Manufacturing

April 2015
IDC Research

As manufacturing organisations work hard to control operational expenses, cloud-based solutions provide a way to achieve additional cost flexibility and scalability. With a cloud-based workforce management solution, manufacturers can procure cloud services at a known cost — typically in the form of a subscription fee. Manufacturers can scale up or scale down the number of subscriptions as necessary, which is particularly beneficial when manufacturers foresee unpredictability ahead in the economies of various regions and markets. More importantly, cloud-based solutions deliver the self-service capabilities of the workforce management solution into the hands of employees. Employees across the company need access to the tools that help them do their jobs — giving them self-service access to request time off or view their timecards can streamline processes and drive employee engagement.