Workforce Absence Manager Datasheet

Automate Time Off, Paid Sick Policies and Processes to Manage Compliance and Bottom-Line Results

Trying to measure, track and report on employee absence using time-consuming, error-prone manual processes or in disparate systems just doesn’t work anymore. It drains productivity, drives up costs and ultimately hurts your bottom line. Now there’s an easier and better way to manage employee time off. The Kronos® Workforce Absence Manager™ solution automatically enforces your time-off policies — consistently and accurately — to virtually eliminate potential abuse by employees and ensure that policies are applied fairly across the organisation.

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Key Benefits

  • Control labour costs
    The ability to report accrual balances in real time reduces the potential for mistakes and abuse
  • Minimise compliance risk
    Centralisation of time-off policies enables consistent, accurate enforcement
  • Improve workforce productivity
    Automated tools help expedite or eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks associated with managing time off