Workforce Analytics Feature Guide

Uncover the secret life of your data.

Uncover the secret life of your data. The Workforce Analytics™ feature guide provides an easy-to-understand view of new features, enhancements, and functionality.

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You can use this handy guide to learn more about how Workforce Analytics delivers reliable data you can use to understand labour issues and make informed decisions. With valuable insight into your workforce, you can answer critical business questions and pursue opportunities for improvement.

Topics include packaged data analysis reporting, Workforce Performance Dashboard, Workforce Auditor, Attendance Insight Dashboard, plug-ins, tablet analytics and the Workforce Analytics Data Mart.

Learn how you can:

  • Work smarter with comprehensive reports
  • Gain a single view of workforce data for effective decision making
  • Audit your workforce data to uncover similar patterns across the organisation
  • See how well your attendance policies are working
  • Solve problems and capture the value of a project faster and more efficiently
  • Manage in the moment more easily with visibility on your tablet
  • Optimise your Workforce Central data for enhanced processing and reports

Workforce Analytics reflects your Workforce Central® data, cleansed and turned into valuable key performance indicators. The Workforce Central transactional database stores transactional data efficiently, quickly, and accurately. The Workforce Analytics data mart goes one step further, with optimisation for processing and delivering reports.