Workforce Dimensions Hourly Timekeeping Datasheet

Automated time and attendance tracking for bottom-line results.

Workforce Dimensions™ for hourly employees automates time and attendance processes to reduce payroll errors and overtime and boost productivity.

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Labour is your most valuable resource and your most controllable expense. But manual employee time and attendance tracking can make it difficult to manage labour expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities. 

Workforce Dimensions Hourly Timekeeping is built specifically for reducing payroll errors and costly overtime for hourly employees. It helps improve workforce productivity by reducing manual, time-consuming administrative tasks so your staff can focus on more value-added activities.

Optimise your hourly workforce with features that:

  • Improve the efficiency of major workflows and allow users to accomplish frequent tasks in one click directly from the home page
  • Allow employees and managers to view critical information at a glance through a flexible, intuitive interface
  • Offers users easy visibility into shift, holiday and time-off information, all in a single location
  • Provide hourly workers in the field with mobile access to the same features as their desktop project timecard

Download this datasheet to learn how Workforce Dimensions for hourly workers can automate your time and attendance processes to help lower costs and risk of non-compliance as they improve employee productivity and engagement.