Learn how Kronos® is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in Workforce Dimensions™ to make workforce management tools even more powerful, helping customers solve compliance, volume forecasting, and shift swapping challenges.

Workforce Management in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence is profoundly changing the nature of modern work, including the field of workforce management. This document discusses the Kronos experience with workforce management AI, particularly in the Workforce Dimensions product. First, it describes the AI best practices that Kronos uses, covering the lifecycle from matching a business problem with an AI technology through testing and delivery. Next, this document covers Kronos-specific AI advantages, including:

  • Utilising big data with the Kronos D5™ architecture to find patterns hidden across an organisation
  • Exploiting Kronos knowledge of features and metrics that drive workforce management
  • Testing and refining with real data based on customer partnerships and research

Detailed benefits of using AI in specific workforce management case studies are covered at the end of the document. Examples of how AI can make workforce management easier:

  • Timecard compliance auditing can be significantly streamlined by using unsupervised machine learning, potentially saving millions of dollars in lawsuits
  • Business volume forecasting using supervised machine learning can improve the accuracy of forecasts by 20 percent, an increase worth tens of millions of dollars as schedules better reflect demand
  • Shift swap recommendations can be made using optimisation and preference learning techniques, enhancing employee control of schedules and leading to better engagement

Download this informative white paper to get a high-level background on AI, Kronos AI best practices, advantages of AI, and specific workforce challenges where AI is making a profound impact in workforce management.